Quantitative BioImaging 2013

Goals and Objectives

The Conference is the inaugural event of a planned conference series 'Quantitative Bioimaging,' which this year will have its main focus on single molecule microscopy.

The development of a conference on Quantitative Bioimaging followed from the recognition that there is no conference to date that addresses the analysis of bioimaging data in a focused and interdisciplinary manner. Therefore the emphasis of our single track conference will be the presentation and detailed discussion of methodological advances. We hope to have many of the major researchers in quantitative single molecule represented at the conference. We plan to have a very interactive meeting with the opportunity for significant scientific exchange between the participants. We hope to attract contributors with differing backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.

We will introduce several interesting features into the conference: Oral presentations will focus around introductory and survey presentations on topics of importance and will be followed by topical "plenary" poster sessions. In addition, we will also have a session and roundtable discussion on the development and maintenance of software in a laboratory environment.


This year the Quantitative Bioimaging conference will focus around the following topics:



University of new Mexico New Mexico Consortium Sandia National Laboratory Spatio Temporal Modeling Center

University of New Mexico

New Mexico Consortium

Sandia National Laboratory

Spatio Temporal Modeling Center

List of Speakers


Thursday, January 10, 2013 (Associated Symposium on Single Cell/Single Molecule Biology)

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8:00 : Breakfast
8:45 : Welcome
9:05 : Donna Arndt-Jovin, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. "Determination of dynamic ErbB1 receptor (EGFR) conformations in living mammalian cells using TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy"
9:45 : Stephen Bunnell, Tufts University. "The dynamic assembly of complexes linking the T cell antigen receptor to the actin cytoskeleton"
10:15 : Oscar Negrete, Sandia National Labs. "RNA interference screening for virus host interactions"
10:45 : Coffee Break
11:15 : Lev Tsimring, UCSD. "Synchronization of synthetic gene oscillators "
11:45 : Adam Hoppe, South Dakota State University. "Imaging membrane curvature dynamics during endocytosis"
12:15 : Taras Lyubchenko, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. "Multifaceted signaling responses in B lymphocytes: roles of localized Ca2+ influx within the immune synapse and initial protein phosphorylation events in BCR signaling regulation"
1:30 : Michelle Kovarik, UNC Chapel Hill. "Microtechnology to Interrogate Signaling in Single Cells"
2:00 : Aaron Neumann, University of New Mexico. "Organization and Dynamics of Membrane Receptor Domains for Anti-fungal Immunity"
2:30 : Sandra de Keijzer, Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences. "Spatiotemporal GPCR mobility constraints in the plasma membrane regulates cell signaling"
2:45 : Coffee Break
3:15 : Marcel Bruchez, Carnegie-Mellon University. "Genetically Targeted and Activated Physiological Sensors"
3:45 : Jennifer Gillette, University of New Mexico. "Regulation of hematopoietic stem cell communication with the bone marrow niche"
4:15 : W. E. Moerner, Stanford University. "Recent Progress in WideField 3D Super-Resolution Imaging in Cells Using Single Molecules"
5:00 - 7:00 : Poster Session & Refreshments

Friday, January 11, 2013

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7:30 : Shuttles begin from Hotel to Conference Site (several large vans will run a few times)
7:45 : Breakfast at Conference Site
8:30 : Conference Opening and Logistics
8:45 : Raimund Ober, University of Texas Dallas. "Location Estimation in Single Molecule Microscopy"
9:30 : Chrysanthe Preza, University of Memphis. "3D PSF Characterization for Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy"
10:15 : Coffee & Posters
10:45 : Sjoerd Stallinga, Delft Technical University. "Point Spread Function Models In Optical Nanoscopy"
11:30 : Contributed Presentation: Mathew Lew, Stanford University. "The Double-Helix Microscope Simultaneously Measures Single Molecule Orientation and 3D Position, Reducing Dipole-Induced Localization Errors"
11:45 : Contributed Presentation: Ginni Grover, UC Boulder. "Optimal 3D Superresolution Microscopy with Double-Helix Point Spread Functions"
12:00 : Lunch & Posters
13:30 : Erik Meijering, University Medical Center Rotterdam. "State of the Art in Multiple Particle Tracking"
14:15 : Xavier Michalet, UCLA. "SPT Data Analysis: Beyond Connecting the Dots"
15:00 : Coffee & Posters
16:00 : Tania Vu, Oregon Health Sciences University. "Single Particle Analysis for Unraveling Cellular Signaling Biology"
16:45 : Contributed Presentation: Peter Bosch, University of Twente. "State Classification of Two-Population Dynamic Diffusion Systems: Comparison of Various Analysis Methods"
17:00 : Keith Lidke, UNM. "Multi-Color Single Particle Tracking"
17:45 : Dinner
19:15 : Software Development and Maintenance. Introduction and Panel Discussion
20:15 : Busses start running back to hotel
20:45 : Last bus to Hotel

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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7:30 : Shuttles begin from Hotel to Conference Site (several large vans will run a few times)
7:45 : Breakfast at Conference Site
08:30 : Bernd Rieger, Delft Technical University. "Resolution in Super-resolution"
09:15 : Joerg Enderlein, Georg August University Göttingen. "Single Molecules Beyond the Diffraction Limit"
10:00 : Contributed Presentation: Carol Cogswell, UC Boulder. "Expanded Point Information Content Microscopy for Video Rate 3D Imaging with No Moving Parts"
10:15 : Coffee & Posters
11:00 : Susan Cox, King's College London. "Analysis for High Density Localisation Microscopy"
11:45 : Bridget Wilson, UNM. "Mapping and Modeling Receptor Dynamics within the Plasma Membrane Landscape"
12:30 : Lunch & Posters
14:00 : Aleksandra Radenovic, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. "Identification of the Factors Affecting Co-localization Precision for Quantitative Multicolor Localization Microscopy"
14:45 : Contributed Presentation: Christy Landes, Rice University. "Understanding Molecular-Scale Separations on Agarose Supported Peptide Surfaces"
15:00 : Contributed Presentation: Somenath Bakshi, University of Wisconsin. "Studying RNA Polymerase Partitioning in E. coli using Single Molecule Imaging"
15:15 : Coffee & Posters
16:00 : Dirk-Peter Herten, University Heidelberg. "Lonesome Photons and Switching Reactions to improve Vision and Counting in Fluorescence Microscopy"
16:45 : Thomas Jovin, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. "Growing up with FRET — a personal trajectory"
17:30 : Future of Single Molecule Microscopy in Biology. Introduction and Panel Discussion
18:30 : Busses start to leave for Old Town and Hotel.
21:00 : Busses start to leave from Old Town to Hotel.



Symposium on Single Cell/Single Molecule Biology (Thursday, January 10, 2013) (Photo courtesy of Amir Tahmasbi)


Poster session (Thursday, January 10, 2013). Left to right: Bernd Rieger, Raimund Ober, Keith Lidke, W.E. Moerner. (Photo courtesy of Janet Oliver)


Software Development and Maintenance Panel Discussion (Friday, January 11, 2013). Left to right: W.E. Moerner, Dirk-Peter Herten, Tania Vu, Keith Lidke, -, Raimund Ober. (Photo courtesy of Amir Tahmasbi)


Coffee break (Saturday, January 12, 2013). Left to right: Donna Arndt-Jovin, -, Thomas Jovin, Bernd Rieger. (Photo courtesy of Janet Oliver)