Conference Waiting List Registration

Because of limited space and limited resources for the conference, we had to limit the number of attendees. At the moment, we have reached the maximum number of attendees we can accommodate, and have therefore had to close regular registration.

However, in the event we have a cancellation or more resources to accommodate additional attendees, we would like to allow you to make benefit from the additional availability. To do so, please sign-up to the waiting list using the form below. If and when a space becomes available, we will notify you of the availability and confirm your registration on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To sign-up for the waiting list, please provide all the following information:

Have you submitted an abstract? Yes No

If you have submitted an abstract or were listed as a co-author in a submitted abstract, please confirm the id# and title of the abstract. You would have received the id# in the email confirming your online abstract submission.

Check if you require an official letter of invitation for travel visa purposes.