Workshops (pre-conference)

Pre-conference workshops on Tuesday, January 8th:

Adaptive optics for microscopy

The course will review the practice and implementation of adaptive optics in microscope systems. This will be relevant to researchers who are interested in using adaptive optics in custom built microscopes of various modalities.

Instructors: Martin Booth and colleagues, University of Oxford.

Machine and deep learning in bioimage analysis and microscopy: Tutorial introduction for microscopists

The goal of the workshop is to provide overview talks  and lectures for practitioners and theoreticians and to discuss the range of applications of deep learning in bioimaging, as well as the new challenges in microscopy raised by the need to better understand and analyze living systems at different scales.  Another objective is to present the potential and practical and theoretical limitations of deep architectures for large scale machine learning applied to quantitative bioimaging.

Instructors: Seth Laxman, Imperial College, London, UK; Julien Mairal, INRIA, Grenoble, France; Christophe Zimmer, Pasteur, Paris, France.

3D Single molecule microscopy data analysis

Instructor: Daniel Sage, EPFL, Lausanne